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Bel Ferreira

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Bel Ferreira

Bel Ferreira is one of the greatest references in Brazil, she’s a newborn photographer for 7 years, and has photographed more than 800 new born babies.

She gives readings and live demonstrations at Latin American congresses, such as Wedding Brasil and the Newborn Photo Conference, among others. Since 2013, she gives workshops to Brazil and around the world, with over 1000 certified students.
Bel Ferreira is also the director of ABFRN (associação brasileira de fotógrafos de recém-nascidos); a non-profit institution created to disseminate good practices in the incredible market of newbornphotography. Bel Ferreira is co-author of the book ‘Manual da fotografia Newborn: Care, Inspiration and Technique, which had its first edition sold out in a year.

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