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Natasha Ince

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Natasha Ince

“My name is Natasha and my mission is to find the Goddess in every woman.

My style of photography is very much theatrical. The dramatic lighting, the styling, the posing, everything about my work screams ‘The Stage’. Performing has always been my life so I use that to empower women and create timeless images.

Photography became my calling at a very young age. I mainly shoot Maternity, Newborn and Mamma & Me images, all styled sessions in the studio. I am very particular about how light is used and how the subjects are posed. Perfection and originality are my goals.

We are all so lucky to have cameras in our lives; it’s an unbelievably special thing to capture a moment in someone’s life. I hope to continue to do this until I can’t hold a camera anymore.”

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