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Serap Seker

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Serap Seker

My name’s Serap. My journey started with a question in a photography course ‘What will you do after the course, Serap?’. I answered this question exactly like this ‘I want to be a baby photographer and I will photograph babies from all over the world’.

I started taking baby photos in 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. After 5 years, I found myself in Toronto, Canada in 2018 and this is the best place to take baby’s images from all over the world. I’ve photographed over 1.000 babies from 84 countries (still counting). I describe my style minimal, simple

I have been teaching newborn photography and posing styles for photographers since 2016. I have a mission that I want to teach photographers how newborn safety is over everything. I believe that pictures aren’t our true purpose in life. Babies and families are over pictures. Always!

See my work at Serap Seker

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